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Silver Hawk ready for C.O.

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As the opening of  the Summit County Parade of Homes aproaches, the Silver Hawk is just about ready to get a Certificate of Occupancy from Summit County. This will allow the interior designers Associates 3, to begin installing the furniture and furnishings. Of course all these materials will be non-toxic and low-VOC as part of the green, safe-environment program for the home.

Meanwhile, the preliminary landscaping has been installed and the native wild grass is starting to sprout. Please visit the projects page at


Boulder retaining walls at Staffords’

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Because of the small disturbance envelope, the boulder retaining walls for the patio must be constructed from within the footprint. That means the work must be done now, at the beginning of the project before there is any foundation in the way. It has taken careful coordination by the contractor Alan Evans and delicate work by the excavator Pat Quigly along with interpretation by Michael F Gallagher, Architect. This work, which is out of the usual sequence of work will allow the patio to sit right at the edge of the building envelope where the best views are.