Foundation is poured at Staffords’

The foundation is now poured for the Stafford Residence in Breckenridge. You can see in the photo that foam insulation has been sprayed on the outside of the walls. This is an energy-saving product and will waterproof the walls at the same time. This custom home will have numerous ‘green’ features. The home will have very high insulation values and should attain a very good HERS rating. There will be solar thermal panels to suplement the domestic hot water and hydronic heating system. The home will have an excellent passive solar layout as well. The owners are considering obtaining an Energy Star Rating, although there are no plans at this time for LEED certification .

You will also notice that the home overlooks the Breckenridge Golf Course and has great views of Breckenridge Ski Area. The architect designed the open-plan home to take advantage of this panoramic view.


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