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Update on Bennett Residence

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It has been a while since I’ve shown many photos of the Bennett Residence. This custom winter vacation home near the Breckenridge Ski Area has been in design & construction for several years. The home is rather large (15,200 s.f.) and quite complex. It features a very sophisticated home control and automation system, a geothermal heating system, two-lane bowling alley and many more very unique features. Here is a slide show showing it’s current state of completion.


Geothermal heating for the Bennett Residence

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Well drilling for the geothermal exchange system has resumed at the Bennett Residence in Breckenridge, Colorado.  There have been delays and equipment problems drilling through the very hard bedrock.

After analyzing very good test results from the first bore, the system has been modified. Instead of using eleven wells drilled 400’ deep, the system will now employ two groups of five wells each. One group will be drilled 275’ deep and the other to 380’.

The system will use electric ground-to-water heat pumps to provide hot water for heating and domestic water use. Electricity will provide 33% of the energy for these while the earth provides 66%. As a result, the boiler system will use 50% less utility energy than a traditional boiler system to heat this 15,000 square foot custom vacation home.

A geothermal system usually makes a significant contribution to a home’s air conditioning needs as well. But because of the cool climate and the home’s design, the home has no need for central air conditioning. Instead, we have included small cooling systems for the Wine Cellar, Living Room and Audio/Video Equipment. Excess heat returned into the exchange loop from these will help enhance overall performance of the ground source heat pump system.

Meanwhile, construction of the home itself is on schedule. The building should be enclosed and ready for winter work in a few weeks. The project should be finished in another year.

Michael F Gallagher, Architect

Breckenridge, Colorado